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May 28, 2008



Dear Mrs. Klause,

Howdy fellow Texan! I am in east Texas, in a small town called Mineola. I too have three little girls, ages 5,4 and 2. I was reading some of your previous posts and they were very touching and encouraging. My middle daughter is giving me problems and I'm sure at least part of it is my fault. My oldest is special needs and doesn't have much speech yet and her understanding is a little lower than a typical 5 year old. Many things are harder to do in general because of this, so, I allow my children to watch TV some during the day (2-3 hrs total) while I work. I have rationalized this and do have times when I include the girls in what I am doing, but, I do feel guilty at times for not interacting with them as much. Can you give examples of how you organize your day? I am a perfectionist about housekeeping, although I'm doing better :) We recently moved as well so I'm still setting up house. Anyways, I just have a hard time including my children in what I do without things getting out of control. Do you have any ideas??

Thank you,

Mrs. J.

I have the PERFECT snickerdoodle recipe from Granny! I will send it to you via e-mail and you can do a taste test and see what you think!

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