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July 17, 2008


Brittany Colberg

I really like making Turkey and Cheese Melts. Some great slices of Boar's Head Ovengold Turkey with Colby Jack Cheese and Mayo... grilled on the "George Forman" grill... and dipped in Buffalo Sauce... yummy! For a true "roller coaster in your mouth" experience, I eat Salt & Vinegar flavored chips dipped in the buffalo sauce, too! OK, now I'm hungry... lol! :)


I love your bologna sandwhich. That's just how we eat them around here!! LOL

In summer I love to put out plates of different things, and we just each get what we like. One example: sliced turkey, ham and cheddar on a plate, surrounded by crackers (I love the multi-grain Club crackers). On another plate, tomatoes, celery, and carrots, and grapes, strawberries, and peaches on another plate. They are our homemade lunchables :) And the kiddos' really like picking what they want.

You can also do this same thing on skewers for little fresh shish kebabs, served wiwth whatever dips you like. Quick, easy and fun :)


I really enjoy makeing a can of tuna fish and toasting two peice's of bread. Then I put mayo on both peice's and a slice of cheese! It's simple but very good! :^)

Melanie H.

Hm, it seems sandwiches are the choice for lunch, and I quite agree. :-)

My personal favorite sandwiches are the 'plain Jane' ones. Mayo, mustard, ham and cheese, or just mayo and cheese, and if I feel like it peanut butter and jelly. I usually like to have some kind of fruit to finish my lunch off.

Sandwiches are simply superb!


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