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March 14, 2009


Sarah H.

Addison is so big!! Its amazing how much all of them have changed sense the last time I saw them. I miss them a lot I hope we can see y'all soon!



Oh my goodness! They're all so grown-up and beautiful! =)

I doubt they'll remember me, but please say hello to Bailey, Kenedy, and Addison for me!


Shanon L Fowler

4 beautiful girls having fun!!

Donna Carlson

Hi! I am the mom you met at McDonalds last Wednesday. Just wanted to let you know I am definetely interested in the skirts. Will you come over to measure sometime next week? Our children are on Spring Break this week and we are doing a road trip to Florida.
I really enjoyed your blog you are a beautiful person.
Donna Carlson
My ph # is 972-346-7086
e-mail donnacarlson1976@gmail.com

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