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July 04, 2009


michelle brown

Oh how wonderful. I have not hit the nesting stage yet but hubby always looks forward to that.

In HIS Keeping,
Mrs. B

Mrs. J.

I'll set aside any little girl clothes and baby stuff that we no longer need and get it to you soon! Guess we have an excuse for a trip north now, huh? :-) If you run out of projects at your house, feel free to come "nest" at mine! LOL

Shanon L Fowler

Congratulations!! :)

kimberly in idaho

Oh, what a truly awesome announcement. This is the very first blog I ever read. Even though I don't know you personally, I feel as if you are a dear friend. Many Blessings and congratulations on the tiny wee one. Kimberly

kimberly in idaho

By the way, i've been reading your blog now for a year and a half! Your words have really touched my heart...so thank you! Kimberly

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