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July 09, 2009


Sarah H.

How Sweet! Just reading this post mad me notice how long it's been sence I've seen y'all and how much the girls have grown up! It's kind of sad.
I can't wait to see y'all!!!


Shanon L Fowler

That's so sweet! Reminds me of when mine were young & loved to play restaurant & make menus for us to order from and everything! :)

Hopefully Bailey will get some more practice making tea & will be able to surprise you making your favorite some time! ;)


oh the have grown so much last time I saw addeson she was a baby and baily shes tall snif I miss ou so much pleas post pictres of all the grls soon so I can see kenady she is proby a big girl to i wish i could run up and hug each one I miss yall so much pleas give each one a hug frome me oh and pleas chek our blog I posted! well bye now miss you so much.Felicity

Pat Quarles

Hi, Kecia, and girls,
We loved your tea party pictures. We love to hear from you. We are trying to stay cool here in Phoenix. The heat wave is here. It was 114 degrees. Love you all, Great Aunt Pat and Great Uncle Mack

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