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May 18, 2010


Mrs. Hall

I guessed correctly! Five pups...aawwww, how cute! Now, we know the first was a boy. What about the rest? I like the name Mr. Huckleberry. Huck for short, right?

Angela Shrabel

This is your backyard neighbor...Emma and Pipers mommy:) We are dying to snuggle on those pups. I will probably give you a call tomorrow. Maybe a visit Sunday after we get home from church will work? I want to see how our Pug does with a baby:) Your family (human and canine) are gorgeous. It was nice to talk with you again even though we were all in jammies!

The Shrabels

Kayla Alexander

Hi ...THere is a pic on your page that I would be interrested in buying...its of a little boy on a fence? can you give me some information about that pic please??? Thanksyou Kayla Alexander

Pink Sheepdog

If you go back to my website and find the picture, you can hold your mouse over the picture (without clicking on it) and it will give you the name and artist. You can purchase it at www.allposters.comand probably many other places as well.

Mrs. Klause

To: mrs.klause@hotmail.com

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