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July 08, 2008


Miss Jocelyn

Wow, looks like she's havin' a fine ole time playing on her farm! That was a recent sight when the kids got some Christmas money. :)

Miss Jocelyn

April B.

I think that is a wonderful story. Over a year ago my son, now 7, wanted to know his wife's name. I gave the same answer that you gave but he wanted more. So, I just gave in & told him Heather. Now, in all make believe games his wife is Heather. We have told him that he may not marry a Heather if God has another woman for him. He said that was ok, he just wanted his wife to have a name for his games. My 2 girls are married to General Skywalker & Mr. Peg-leg. My dh asked if Mr. Peg-leg had one & she told us no, that's just his name. I won't even go into the made up children's names, but am thankful that most are down to earth. Have a great day!

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