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August 11, 2011



Happy birthday! Mne is tomorrow; we're almost birthday twins.

Those are awesome scriptures. What a beautiful post, and a reminder about what really matters on a birthday!


Wishing you a happy birthday and many gray Hairs!!!!! -Dominica

Cami Goodwin

Happy Birthday!

Kim M.

What a beautiful post! I found a few hidden under my bang area and have been joking about getting old. I haven't thought much about it in the way of being a crown. Thanks for the Biblical perspective. MY hubby will love this since his hair is greying pretty fast and he is only 34!

Hope you have a great birthday!


I'm right there with you Mrs. Klause! How nice to have been able to make that decision with a friend! I made it personally myself a couple of years ago as well. When I saw my first grey hair at the hair salon while getting a trim, I asked my stylist if it was grey. He kept avoiding the answer knowing that most women would be upset, but I was very excited as you were! I do not want to be caught up in what this world thinks of as beautiful, but what our Father does. Happy birthday!


victorious mommy

Wow! Your post made me feel just wonderful. I am only 35 and I am often teased by the number of grey hairs I have....I have A LOT. So I color it and color it and color it. I have been thinking that I was going to just let it show....you have confirmed what I have been thinking. God is creating my crown! AMEN!

Shannon L. Fowler

Happy Birthday!!! What a nice post! Congratulations on your grays! :) I have had them for many years now. My dh isn't in the "grow old gracefully" category, he likes me to color my "crown of glory". :)

It is also my dd Anniversary that day!!

God Bless,

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